Carpenter ants are large ants that usually enter homes because they are attracted to moisture in wood that is in or out of your home. From there they tend to make small tunnels and then eat whatever crumbs or scraps of food are in your kitchen or eating areas. Even though they are large, they don’t bite, but they are a nuisance to have in your home.

The first step in getting rid of carpenter ants is detecting the signs that they may be present. See if there are any moist areas in your home. If you see an ant, follow its path so it will show you where the rest of the nest might be. See if there are any crevices or small holes in your home where they may be entering. This will help you devise a better plan for how to kill carpenter ants in your home.

Carpenter Ants Baits and Repellents

Once you’ve detected how these carpenter ants are entering your home you can use caulking to cover any crevices or small holes where they might be entering. Clean any kitchen and eating areas thoroughly and begin employing prevention techniques. Clean counter tops, floors and tables with bleach or vinegar to get rid of crumbs, scraps and scents that are attracting carpenter ants into your home. Take your garbage out every night so there will be nothing to attract them.

You can use commercial repellents as well as baits to get of ants as well. Make sure you put your baits and spray your repellents in different areas. The carpenter ants have to be attracted to your baits for them to work. There are also some home remedies you can employ. Bay leaves, dried peppermint leaves, chilli powder, cinnamon sticks and coffee grounds are great, all-natural ant repellents. You can even line certain parts of your home with cream of tartar so the carpenter ants won’t step beyond that line. If you feel there might be a nest inside your walls, drill a small hole into that area and add one of these natural repellents there to help get rid of the carpenter ants more thoroughly. To kill carpenter ants, it also helps to clear out the vegetation in front of your house and plant mint leaves. This is a cheap, effective and non-toxic way to repel the ants.

Boric acid and sugar mixtures or boric acid and jelly mixtures are also a big help. Mix one part boric acid to two parts sugar in a bowl and leave it in a small corner in your kitchen or even next to your garbage can. Boric acid acts slowly killing some carpenter ants on the spot, though other ants may take the acid back to their nest. The sugar helps attracts them to the bait. If you have a small pet or child, but this mixture in a small box with holes in it. The carpenter ants will be able to get to the mixture but your pets or children won’t.