When ants invade your home it can be difficult to feel peaceful and clean, but there are methods on how to get rid of ants in your home for good. Black ants, Carpenter ants or any other ants are attracted to moisture, food crumbs and untidy environments. Also, those with pets and children might be concerned about the content in repellents or about using baits, but it’s possible to kill carpenter ants or any other ants and prevent future infestations by using home remedies, caulking, and nontoxic methods. Remember that although carpenter ants look big and scary, they actually don’t bite so you only have to worry about the infestation part.


Getting Rid of Ants in Your Home

Inspect your home and make sure there are no moist areas. Ants in your home such as carpenter ants remove wood and its gran to form their nests but eat whatever food scraps or crumbs people leave behind. They may also feed on other insects so when you check for ants, make sure to take other insects into account as these may also attract the carpenter ants into your home. See if you can find wood shavings mixed with parts of dead ants, this is typically a clue that they are in your home.

You can use organic repellents to help get ants away in your home: bay leaves, mint leaves, coffee grinds and cinnamon sticks are all natural scents that ants don’t like. Clean and repair all moist areas in your home and use caulking on any small crevices where you suspect they may be entering your home.

Boric acid is a pet friendly ant killer that is also organic. Because it’s nontoxic in small amounts, it’s not of much concern if you also have children. You can use a small box and pierce small holes into it. From there you can mix boric acid and white powdered sugar or even jelly onto a small bowl. This will attract ants but the boric acid will also kill them. The box will help your pet and/or child stay safe because it prevents access to the boric acid while allowing the ants in.

It’s also a good idea to put this mixture behind the refrigerator or other kitchen corners that you’re sure your pet can’t get into. Because of their nature, you may have to drill a small hole into an area where you suspect the carpenter ants’ nest might be. You can probably add some of the boric acid-sugar mixture into this hole to kill carpenter ants without harming your health or that of your family.

Preventing a future infestation is also key to your success in getting rid of ants in your home. Clean your counter tops, kitchen floors and other eating areas with bleach (or vinegar if you prefer something organic). Take your garbage out daily and keep all foods in tight containers. Keep fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator or in containers, and vacuum off any crumbs that may be leftover from meals.

Taking care of carpenter ants outside your house is also a good idea if their nest is too close. Planting mint leaves will help repel them from your home’s foundation, but will be pet-friendly and is relatively cheap and easy to do.