We all know the nuisance that ants can create. Especially sugar coated food is something to which they often get attracted and creates the mess in the entire place. Ants live almost everywhere in this world, and it is tough to live without them. The household menace these microscopic creatures generate is always beyond tolerance.

It is important to get rid of these ants for managing a pest free environment around the home, but the question that arises is how to get rid of the sugar ants?

The article highlights on the natural homemade remedies on how to get rid of sugar ants, who always doubles your trouble

  1. We all are well aware of the talent of locating small food particles, scattered sugar, spilled sugared liquid and stuff is commendable. The key to keeping them away is by keeping the kitchens clean and clear from scattered food stuff as the kitchen is always the focal point to attract them.
  2. We all know that turmeric is considered as an anti-biotic for healing scars and other problems with the human body, but hardly any of us know that turmeric works as a great ant repellent. I still remember, when I was a small kid, my grandmother used to spill turmeric in the ant-affected zone, and I could see them taking a reverse gear and soon all of the insects were gone.
  3. One of the best ways to bid them adieu forever is to look for the cracks, holes and openings around the counter-tops, home walls and roofs and other areas from where they might have been coming. Also, check inside the cabinets to find out if there are any gaps. Get those openings sealed for covering the major areas where these tiny creatures often find a room for their survival.
  4. There are many kitchen spices that if sprinkled in the ant-filled zone that make them crawl in the opposite direction. Spices like red chili powder, cinnamon, and black pepper work great.
  5. Washing the floors and kitchen counter-tops with lukewarm saline water also keep the ants at bay.
  6. Make a solution of vinegar and water in equal quantities and sprinkle around the areas where you often see ants. Also, target your kitchen counter-tops and food preparation zone. The solution will prevent the ants from coming.
  7. You can find repellents in the markets that we often use to stop ants from coming, but it is a bit dangerous affair if you have kids at home. Better stick to natural methods which are efficient and cheap.
  8. Drawing lines with Vaseline and repellent chalk also help to fight the massive ant attack. Lot of people also makes use of perfumed talcum powders to make a line for preventing the ants from coming.

Ants, though harmless, creates a very messy ambiance in a living area. It is always important to look for the generic solutions on how to get rid of kitchen ants and find one that works in a right direction.

Homemade Remedies to Getting Rid of Ants

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