There are 12,000 types of ants in the world, and only a few types of ant species invade the homes, they come for the food including sweet and greasy foods. The most common ants that you find in homes include the Pharaoh ant, Argentine ant, the grease or thief ant, the odorous house ant, and the pavement ant. Sometimes you can also find carpenter ant, which destroys the wood. It is important to identify what kind of ant is invading your house, and take a quick step to get rid of ants in your home.

However, most of these ants are not dangerous and nuisance, some of them are actually good for the environment. These good kinds of ants keep your surroundings pest free as they eat spiders, the larvae of fleas, bed bugs, silverfish, clothes moths, and flies. But again, they get attracted to the leftovers, which can cause dangerous diseases in some cases. That is why it is important to get rid of tiny black ants using natural approach is the best way of getting rid of the tiny black ants.

Below you can find some of the best and natural ways to get rid of ants in your home.

Adhesive Tape: If you see a trial or a colony of ants exploring the cookie jar on your kitchen counter-top, or in your pantry, then put the adhesive tape around the or create a channel around the object by placing the sticky side up.

Basters: If you are tired of tiny black ants crawling all over the place, then it is the time to get rid of them. Take some boric acid and sprinkle it in crevices or cracks, or wherever you see the ant colony. Take a baster and blow some amount of the powder into the place where it is hard to reach, in the corners and deep empty spaces that you see.

Note: Be careful when you are using boric acid as it contains toxic substances, which are harmful to small children and pets.

Chalk: Get rid of tiny black ants with chalk, draw lines at the entry points. It acts like a replant as it contains calcium carbonate which makes ants does not enter the place. The chalk is made from the shells of sea animals. You can also scatter the chalk powder around the plants, garden and the areas where you find the ant colonies get rid of ants and other insects.

Flour: Sprinkle some flour in your pantry shelves or wherever you observe a colony of ants. Flour acts a repellent and keeps ants away from entering into your home.

Flowerpots: If fire ants are invading your patio or yard, then the solution is keeping flowerpots in the patio or yard, this can help you get rid of fire ants and their stings. You must keep the flowerpot upside down on the anthill, and pour some hot water; it will burn down their house quickly.

Lemons: To get rid of ants in your home, you don’t actually need any kind of traps or insecticides, just a small lemon can do the job. Squirt some lemon juice on windowsills and door thresholds to stop ants entering your home. Put some lemon juice in cracks or holes where you see the ants crawling, it works like an ant repellant. Also, the slices of lemon peel at the entrance will help you to get rid of ants.

Getting rid of ants in your home – Natural Ways Getting Rid of Ants

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