Getting rid of sugar ants requires patience but is not impossible. There are some pet-friendly and organic ant killers you can use if this is a concern for you. The best method is to use a combination of traps and repellents because dust-based plans may cause the ants to want to go to other areas of your house. Below are some tips for safe ways to combat your sugar ant issue.


Tips & Tricks on How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants in Home

To get rid of sugar ants in a safe, nontoxic way you have to set up a system of repellents and home-made traps.

  1. Find sources of attraction for ants and get rid of them. If you see ants entering your home, follow their path and then use caulk to fill in any holes where they may be entering. Wipe your counter-tops and floor with bleach nightly to get rid of any sugar. Vacuum all spaces where you regularly consume food so that all crumbs are gone.If you’re concerned about a pet or young children, you can use vinegar to clean your counters and floor and have the same effects. Since they’re so tiny, remember that ants can fit through even the smallest of crevices. It helps to add weather stripping underneath your doors.
  2. Remove anything that might be attracting your ants. Keep your kitchen and eating areas clean. Don’t leave crumbs or small food particles around. Take your garbage out daily and make sure all food is in tight containers, including pet food.
  3. Use natural ant repellents such as cinnamon sticks, vinegar, coffee grinds, paprika, bay leaves, dried peppermint leaves or cloves near where you’ve found ants. These are natural scents that help keep ants away from your house. It also helps to plant mint near your home’s foundation to keep your ant away from your house. There are organic ant repellents that will help you slow and eventually get rid of an infestation.
  4. You can also use items such as borax, though not in large amounts if you’re concerned for your pet. You can put this in a place that’s hard for your pet to reach, such as behind the refrigerator or stove.

Borax is an mineral you can use that is a relatively safe. It’s basically an organic ant killer when used as a bait. You can do this by mixing Boric acid with jelly. To make sure it remains pet-friendly you can use an old box (such as a shoe or cereal box) and make a few pinholes on it. Then, you can leave the mixture in a small bowl. This way the ants can get to the mixture but your pet’s paws won’t.

It’s best to put the trap out at night because that is when ants are most active. Some ants may die inside the box while others will take it back to their colony. With these tips you will be sure to get rid of sugar ants in no time and in a safe way.

Alternative Way on How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants in Home

Aside from using organic ant repellents and Borax, you can also use baking soda. It has been used as an alternative way to kill ants for decades. You can sprinkle baking soda or spray a mixture of baking soda and water in your kitchen, carpets, floors and counters to help get rid of sugar ants. Combining this alternative with one or two of the tips above you will have a home free of sugar ant infestations.